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Inside Martial Arts



10 Feb 2010, 13:08
I am very interested in seeing more reality based martial arts stuff. Stuff from guys like Tony Blauer, Walt Lysak, Rich Ryan, Sammy Franco Mark Hatmaker, Haganah just to name a few. I think this is an awesome site keep up the good work. Thanks
05 Jan 2010, 08:52
Happy New Year to all! IMA would like to thank Master Michael DePasquale Jr. for inviting us to his Martial Arts University. We hope to have video from that event posted soon.
Coming up, IMA will be attending Master Alan Goldberg's 2 day martial arts event held in Atlantic City starting Friday Jan.8 There will be seminars by numerous martial arts stars as well as a Hall Of Honors Banquet. For more info you can visit: actionmagstore.com
22 Apr 2009, 07:25

An interesting article written by: Tim Roy Jr.:

When people think of the martial arts it brings to mind images of high flying kicks and acrobatics that have become synonymous with many of the martial artist of today. However while these moves are a significant part of many styles they are by no means absolutely necessary for making an affective martial artist the most importance thing for a martial artist is the size of their heart rather than how high they kick. The art of kung-fu can be adapted to anyone regardless of age, race, religions, gender or so-called limitations. We are only limited by what we believe in our heart is possible. In order for us to succeed in life it is necessary to ignore the negative forces of others, listens to our hearts and go beyond the limitations of our mind. For example I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and have been in a wheelchair my entire life I had to overcome challenges illnesses such as pneumonia on several occasions. I also have fault against stereotypes for much of my life. People usually think of a wheelchair as a liability rather than an assets but I never allowed my self to feel as though I were anything less than equal. I have proved the negative voices wrong many times throughout my life. In August of 2003 I began studying the art of kung-fu under Grand Master Tim Pickens and learned how to show that a wheelchair is not a liability but a tool that can be used to not only move from place to place but also can be used to achieve success far beyond the expectations of others and even the expectations of the person in the wheelchair.
My hope for this article is that it can inspire other people that are in a wheelchair or with any kind of so-called limitations to get involved in martial arts or go after any desire that they may have in their heart. My training in martial arts has benefited my life in many ways and helped tremendously while I was pursuing my college degree. When the pressure of school felt overwhelming I was able to lose my self in my training and forget about everything at least temporarily and then go back to studying with a new perspective. Kung-fu has not only helped my mental attitude and outlook but also increased my physical abilities tremendously. I have gained greater strength, increased mobility and muscle mass while I give kung-fu a lot of the credit for the success I achieved. I know that it is absolutely essential to have the heart of a warrior before one can achieve success in kung-fu or any walk of life regardless of the knowledge you gain in your training the heart is the most is essential element for any martial artists. A martial artist must possess the will to put in the time necessary to perfect the skills that they are taught and when and if it is necessary to fight you must be willing to do what is required for survival. Give no regard to the outcome of the fight, let go of pride and ambition and fear. Simply do want comes natural. Have faith in God, your training and let nature take its course this approach is the approach of those with a pure heart and this is what true martial arts is all about.
With my training I have learned to turn the wheelchair into an extremely effective weapon. Not only is a Wheelchair not a liability in confrontations it can be an advantage in many ways. A persons wheelchair often has the element of surprise because there attacker automatically views them as helpless. That is a major mistake, another advantage of fighting from a seated position is when the individual attacks they are often off balance due to the fact they must reach down in order to strike or grab an individual in a wheelchair. After the opponent is off balance they are at the mercy of individuals who have trained in combat. They are vulnerable to strikes to the eyes and points that can be hit when it is absolutely necessary to protect your life. A wheelchair is also effective in taking out the legs of an opponent after you block the initial strike you can then move forward to break bones and crush the attacker under the wheels and also backwards to drag the attacker. People often become entangled in the wheelchair before they know what has happened. By that time there already on the ground in agony while the supposed victim is unharmed and able to get away safely.
In addition to using the wheelchair as a weapon you must also learn to use every day things around you as weapons. Though I have been trained in the use of traditional martial art weapons but they are rarely functional for street combat. Therefore we must learn to improvise things such as umbrellas, they are extremely effective and can be used in the way that you might use a staff or other traditional martial art weapons. It is useful for blocking the opponents punches as well as stabbing them in areas such as the eyes throat or neck. An umbrella can also be used by opening and using it as a shield against strikes when you are covered you can then use the wheelchair to take out the legs of the opponent it also enables you to disable your opponent from a distance.
My success in kung fu has come through many hours of rigorous training. Flexibility is essential for any martial artists. I have gained flexibility through the breathing and stretching exercises that I have learned. Not only are they extremely important for martial arts, but are very beneficial to anyone for better overall health and well-being.
There is also a great deal of strength training in my workout. I have learned a number of exercises through my training and have included some of my own including using a baseball bat. A heavy object such as a bat to practice weapon techniques makes using objects such as swords, staffs and umbrellas seem easy. Furthermore a bat is also useful for improving the grip by holding the bat by the end and move it slowly in front of you. Then you should hold it for as long as possible and then switch hands. After this practice slowly swinging and striking with the bat high, middle, and low with both hands. As you increase in strength you can increase the difficulties of your workout by adding weight to the bat and/or your wrist.
All my training has not only increased my ability to protect myself and benefited my overall health, it has given me the chance to achieve success beyond my wildest expectations. I have learned to utilize my wheelchair to compete in several martial art competitions throughout the state of Kentucky. By using traditional martial arts weapons such as sword and spear in the competitions I have been fortunate enough to win 14 or more first place trophies. The success in the tournaments meant a great deal to me because of the fact I have ever been allowed to compete in a traditional sport such as basketball or baseball. I have always been extremely competitive and martial art competitions allow me to finally put my competitive streak to good use. Furthermore being associated with the martial art school has allowed me to know what it's like to be part of a team.
My teacher and the other students in the school are like a second family to me, our success on the tournament floor has led to a career path that I never imagined possible. We were spotted at a local competition and received an invitation to the Indy gathering in Cleveland, Ohio hosted by the founder of the world stunt associations Ray Szuch. In August of 2007 we competed in the stunt competition and won numerous gold medals and were fortunate enough to get our foot in the door of the independent film world. My hope is that I can continue to achieve success in the films industries as well as in martial art competitions and continue to disapprove the stereotypes and break down the barriers that those of us with so-called limitations deal with on a daily basis. However even though I have achieved a tremendous amount of success from a wheelchair it is my long-term goal to walk unassisted. I am not suggesting that it must be the goal of every person in a wheelchair. I would encourage you to always think positively. It is simply a matter of keeping our heart and mind strong and giving our bodies the opportunity to catch up.
20 Apr 2009, 10:23
Our latest episode, 21 has been posted. It takes a look at the Keysi Fighting Method which was developed in Spain & has found it's way into Hollywood action flicks, like the Batman movies. You can see Christian Bale taking out the bad guys with some KFM moves in "The Dark Knight", very cool. We also interview the creators of the martial arts comic " Justice For Hire" and Sifu Novell Bell demonstrates BaGua Zhang combat tactics.

Thanks for all your positive feedback on our new look and new content.

To all iTunes subscribers, you may need to re-subscribe to IMA to get automatically updated when a new podcast comes out.One of the side effects of updating the website.
francisco cruzado romero
10 Apr 2009, 13:07
tony jaa the best luchador kiero aprender el muai thai tengo 14 aņos
26 Mar 2009, 18:17
Yes I am very interested in seeing many different martial arts disiplines be presented on the INSIDE MARTIAL ARTS web. I would like to see more filipino martial arts , full contact fighting , but I love all the arts so doesnt matter , I just love to see new arts be presented from time to time. Please get back to me when you have a chance at your convenience. Thank you.

Mark Ingemi
Stephen Koepfer
02 Mar 2009, 01:51
Nice new look to the site!
26 Feb 2009, 11:55
i like martial arts movies very much iam 13 years old and i train kungfu wing tson and i like tony very very very very much

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